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Open Form For Society

Double Vinyl 180g (SOLD OUT) & CD

Open Form For Society is Christian Lillinger's most elaborate work to date.  FFS tracks aspects which make up the qualities of Christian Lillinger's composition. Lillinger develops new chamber music within the sonic realm of PLAIST, new music, avant-garde jazz, hip hop and musique concrète (s. Composition). This takes place in cooperation with nine mostly young European musicians, who are leading instrumentalists  in their respective music scenes.




01. Piece for Up & Grand-Piano
02. Aorta
03. Thür
04. Titan
05. Basel
06. Sisyphos (CMS)
07. Überwindung
08. Laktat
09. Mocking
10. Toro Koma
11. Sog

12. Triangular
13. KfkA
Excerpts of open form for society (improvisations) *

14. One *

15. Two *
16. Three *
17. Four *
18. Five *
* on Vinyl and CD only



Open Form For Society has been awarded Preis Der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik 3/2019

Line up:

Christian Lillinger - Composing, Drums, Concepts

Antonis Anissegos - Grand Piano
Kaja Draksler - Upright Piano 
Elias Stemeseder - Synthesizer, Piano 

Christopher Dell - Vibraphone 
Roland Neffe - Marimbaphone, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel 
Lucy Railton - Cello 
Petter Eldh - Bass, Electric Bass 
Robert Landfermann - Double Bass 

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